About Lead

Lead Roof Repair Solutions and Installations

Why Choose Lead For Your Roof?

Lead sheet is indisputably one of the greatest materials used on buildings. For centuries it has been used to cover the roofs of churches, cathedrals, public buildings and residential buildings throughout the United Kingdom.

When detailed and fitted correctly, Lead Sheet has proven to be a reliable long-life material with outstanding durability, even in extreme and severe weather conditions. Lead Sheet is not only suited for renewal on roofs of old, historic and heritage buildings but also the perfect material for modern roofing and cladding applications.

The Key Benefits of Installing Lead on Any Property Include:

Proven longevity over centuries.

Looks beautiful when installed and detailed correctly.


Maintains the character of a heritage building.

Our Lead Roof Repair and Installation Services Include:

We carry out all Leadwork, from repairing a cracked lead roof on a heritage building to adding some lead flashing on a flat roof for a new property. Some of the Leadwork we carry out include:

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