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15 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Roofer

Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make, and keeping it protected to last as long as it can is extremely important. One way is to ensure your roof is maintained and not damaged. If you’re already a roofer, then you can pop up at any moment and fix it. However, if you’re like the rest of us, you’ll need to hire someone. But, you don’t want to turn to just any company – research, research, research! To help you along, we’ve prepared a list of questions you should ask and factors to keep in mind before making your decision. Let’s go. 

Always Ask for Roofing Contractor Experience

  1. How much experience do you have as a roofing contractor?

You wouldn’t want someone who only has a year or so of experience to work on something as important as your roof. It is also important to remember that while the company may be young, it doesn’t automatically mean the team is inexperienced. They may have just started their own company recently and be experts in the field. 

  1. Are you a local contractor? What is your contact information and address?

You want them to have a physical location with full contact information so that if any issues arise, they can come and fix them quickly.

  1. Can you provide references?

Ask for references from previous clients, as this helps you gain insights into their professionalism and quality of work.

  1. Do you have any contractor qualifications or certifications?

While not a necessity, certifications and awards can indicate a roofer’s commitment to excellence and ongoing professional development.

Protect Both Parties – Insurance Coverage and Other Warranties

  1. Do you have a license and insurance coverage?

A licensed roofer meets state requirements, while insurance protects you from liabilities that may arise during the project. If the company is licensed, you’ll have some reassurance that it is reputable. 

  1. Do you offer a warranty on your work?

A reputable roofer stands by their work and offers a warranty on their services. You should also know the warranty coverage for your new roof, if applicable. Dimensional roof shingles can have a warranty of, at minimum, 25 years. Synthetic shingles can go up to a minimum of 50 years.

  1. Are the roofers your employees or subcontractors? 

In some cases, companies use subcontractors–if that is the case, you want to get verification that the subcontractors also have Workmanship Guarantee and General Liability insurance.

You should have waivers to help protect you if the company you hired doesn’t pay the subcontractors. In addition, make sure you get the name and phone number of the roofer to contact them with any issues or details on the project.

  1. What are your safety protocols?

Roofing requires a lot of people and equipment, which makes it a dangerous job. Your roofing contractor needs to explain what their safety protocol is to protect their crew and your property.

Concerns About Roofing Material and Details on the Project

  1. What’s your experience with this type of roofing material?

Since different roofing materials need different installation techniques, you can make sure that the roofer has experience with the type of roofing material for your home.

  1. Will my old roof be removed?

Some companies claim to save time and money by performing a simple visual inspection before installing a new roof over the existing one. But this could only bury roof damage deeper–you’d never know if there are soft or rotten spots of plywood underneath the old shingles unless you pull them up and look at them.

  1. What is the estimated timeline for the project?

Understanding the project’s timeframe helps you plan accordingly. Ensure the roofer provides a realistic timeline for completing the roofing job.

  1. Can you provide a detailed estimate and what things may change the contracted price?

Avoid surprises by getting a detailed written estimate that includes labour, materials, and any additional charges. While a written estimate is important, surprises can happen on the job. Therefore, make sure you have everything in written format.

  1. What payment terms do you offer for your roofing services?

Discuss payment terms upfront to avoid any misunderstandings. Be cautious of roofers who ask for larger upfront payments before starting the project.

  1. Do you handle permits and inspections?

Roofing projects often require permits and inspections. Check if the roofer will handle these aspects or if you need to take care of them yourself.

  1. Will there be a roof inspection to see what else should be done?

If you’re paying to have a new roof installed, you want to address all of your concerns at once. The roofing contractor should inspect the roof and attic for leaks, ventilation, and moisture levels. If they find issues, ask how they can be corrected.

All Your Roofing Solutions

Whether you’re looking for a roof repair or replacement, hiring a roofer with experience will be worth the higher cost in the long run. Don’t rush the decision; your home deserves the best care and attention, starting from the top down.

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